Hi, Friends. After a few days without my laptop (she got the flu) and a week spent in academic pursuits (sort of), I'm back, and I missed you.  I'm glad to report that with a little help from my friends my laptop  is back in business. Chee-hoo!

Last week's highlights:

- read voraciously
- spent QT with loved ones, on the phone and in person :)
- made a list of songs for Voice class final (in 2 weeks! ahh!)
- got Crispy M & M's from a far away land by snail mail
- attended the opening of the Surf Film Festival
- made churros from scratch with Natsuko
- started researching Japan/China as options to teach English for 2011
 (and subsequently looked at Spain, Brazil, Tahiti, and Indonesia, as well.)
- had dinner with two people who renewed my faith in marriage
- re-watched Contact... and loved it
- practiced harnessing ki
- started taking Vitamin D for lack of sunlight... and waves :P
- listened to a new song "Legs"

Most days it seems the summer has wings;  It's the middle of July, 2010 and and the days flip by ever faster.  "All we ever have is now,"  I told Dominique (please smile when you say it... it's French) on the ride home last night.   She is an intriguing creature and now I know why.  Instead of the typical path, Dominique traveled for 15 years and ticked off 40 things she wanted to do/see before she turned forty.  The list included jumping out of an airplane (sounds familiar), seeing the great barrier reef, swimming in the amazon, sailing across the caribbean, etc. -- and she went right down the list.  She chose to live at once, instead of living at last.

Hawai'i is this other world, apart and floating. I am afraid sometimes that I stand too still here -- like Dorian Gray but with palm trees.  The world is so  vast.  Dominique never had more than $2000 with her and no credit cards -- simply living by her wits and learning for a lifetime.  She inspires me to keep dreaming, and more so than that to act on those dreams.  

Another source of inspiration came from 25-year old film maker from San Diego, director of  'Lost Prophets.'  If you have a chance to see his film, I highly recommend it.  The soundtrack alone will enthrall  you, combine that with jaw-dropping, deep-barrel footage, perfect peeling Mexican waves and a couple of Aussie hippies and your golden.  It'll show again at the DorisJuly 20 at 1, 4, and 7:30 p.m.

In a way, last week I rekindled the part of myself that wants to "go for it," that believes there's hope and that life is crazy beautiful -- and sometimes the crazy is what makes it fun life is my anti-virus.

This week's talk story is to write your bucket list.  It can be as long or as short as you'd like and share it with me; I'd like to put as many of these up as I get.  Have fun, there is no limit but those you place on yourself.


7/20/2010 11:38:52 pm

Beautiful entry, Ate. <3

9/6/2010 06:28:07 pm

Nice Writeup! had fun reading it =)


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