Mass transit becomes me.  Why, right this very minute I sit on the LIRR on my way into the City.  Kris and I watched On the Town and I was reminded of a childhood full of movie musicals and stardust.  I passed the house of my "walking buddy" and realized how big the world really is and instilling me a humbling dose of gratitude for this life.

I'm off to a hotel where I can get my Dewey Decimal on... literally.  Each of the guest floors is dedicated to one of the major categories of the DD system:  Social Sciences,  Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts, and Religion and can't wait to see what room I'll be in!  

In the next week I'll check out places high and low that I couldn't get enough of when I lived in New York but with new eyes and a renewed spirit to show you some of the best sights of my favorite City.  Looking forward to sharing you some of the gems I find in 2011!  Aloha!


A few days before our tour with John Langenstein, Judy (an enthusiastic member of the Mountain Thunder team) gave us some show-stopping coffee trivia.  Enjoy!

"In the morning, when the palate is open, sensitive and receptive to flavors, the medium roast is just right and gives you all the caffeine you need to get your body rockin'; later in the day, a darker roast will be more bold and flavorful and the carbon in a darker roast will assist in digestion.  Many restaurants offer a dark roast at the end of a meal so the carbon will help you not feel so full, give you enough caffeine not to go into a food coma [to get you home safely], but not too much to keep you up all night  - since a dark roast has up to 40% less caffeine than in a medium roast.”

The article can be found here:

Noelani Designs Anuenue Earrings.

When I first met Noelani she was bursting with an irresistible energy while playing with her son, Aukai, and as I walked into  her studio (which has a simple sign on the front door -- LOVE -- in shells) it was easy to tell that this was the house where "love" lived.  With an infectious laugh and an ingrained talent for creating inspired works of wearable art, Noelani's five-year-old company, Noelani Designs, is coming into its own.  Her pieces radiate aloha (love) and have a whimsical quality that is sure to make you smile.  This holiday season Noelani has offered a special holiday gift to readers of the WAFT
 holiday gift guide... 30% off her pieces!  Read the article to get the code (you have until Dec. 24, 2010!) then get ready to fall in love with everything in her shop.  Merry Christmas!


So, San Diego is pretty rad.  Leaving Hawaii, I had my typical panic attack but when I woke up in California it seemed Hawaii followed close behind.  A perfect cloudless sky and a whole new world (I've been on a Disney kick) of possibilities welcomed me in California.  I look forward to a week of exploration and perhaps even some surf!
Check out this photo from one of the ships that are part of The Maritime Museum, cute yah?

Happy Holidays to my Hawaiian 'ohana.   See you in 2011!


Luck: The Essential Guide [Hardcover] Deborah Aaronson (Author), Kevin Kwan (Author).

As it nears the holidays, some travel luck :)