A few days before our tour with John Langenstein, Judy (an enthusiastic member of the Mountain Thunder team) gave us some show-stopping coffee trivia.  Enjoy!

"In the morning, when the palate is open, sensitive and receptive to flavors, the medium roast is just right and gives you all the caffeine you need to get your body rockin'; later in the day, a darker roast will be more bold and flavorful and the carbon in a darker roast will assist in digestion.  Many restaurants offer a dark roast at the end of a meal so the carbon will help you not feel so full, give you enough caffeine not to go into a food coma [to get you home safely], but not too much to keep you up all night  - since a dark roast has up to 40% less caffeine than in a medium roast.”

The article can be found here: 

12/9/2013 03:18:30 pm

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