Marriott Kauai: In the mornings, all you can hear is the rain and the roosters.
Today is the second to last day of my "40 day Facebook Fast".  It was a cleanse, the longest I've ever done (Master Cleanse - 7 days; No Sugar Cleanse - 10 days; On the Wagon Cleanse - 2 weeks [barely], you get the drift) and in the process sorted some personal stuff out on a solo trip to Kaua'i, got my first piece published (YAY!), connected by disconnecting and really got a feel for who in my life I can and cannot count on -separating the men from the boys- so to speak.

After it all I've come to think of life in much the same way as before the fast, albeit more in control of my so-called "addiction to facebook" and found 3 extra hours in each day, which *gasp* led me to a greater sense of productivity and the elusive desire to work while living in paradise.

Thanks for reading.

Aloha nui,


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