kumu n.

1. Bottom, base, foundation, basis, title (as to land), main stalk of a tree, trunk, handle, root (in arithmetic); basic; hereditary, fundamental. Kumupali, base foot of a cliff. ʻIke kumu, basic, fundamental knowledge. Aliʻi kumu, hereditary chief. Alanui kumu, main street. ʻAuikumu, nominative case. Kumu kāhili, staff of a kāhili. Kumu nalu, source of waves, as where surfing starts. Mai ke kumu ā ka wēlau, from trunk to tip [all, entirely]. (PPN tumu.)

2. Teacher, tutor, manual, primer, model, pattern. Kumu alakaʻi, guide, model, example. Kaʻu kumu, my teacher. Kumu hoʻohālike, pattern, example, model. Kumu hula, hula teacher. Kumu kuʻi, boxing teacher. Kumu kula, school teacher. Kumu leo mele, song book. Kumu mua, first primer.

3. Beginning, source, origin; starting point of plaiting. hoʻo.kumu To make a beginning, originate, create, commence, establish, inaugurate, initiate, institute, found, start.

4. Reason, cause, goal, justification, motive, grounds, purpose, object, why. Kumu no ka ʻoki male, grounds for divorce. Kumu ʻole, without reason or cause. He aha ke kumu i ʻeha ai kou wāwae? What is the reason for your foot hurting?

Received the results this morning that I passed the Substitute Teacher Certification Course Exit Exam today.  Relieved, Stoked, Manzoku.  It has been 5 years since I took an exam that required memorization and rapt attention (even then, the mind had a tendency to wander) but it took those five years to want to learn again.  An old journal tells me, " ...If you want to master, teach."  Easy to say, journal.  

The course was 30 hours; three hour sessions, twice a week fro 6-9pm; attendance to every class was mandatory.   Thankfully, since I'm not so good with stringency, there were very few waves to distract my resolve.  "Power through! Man up!  Doooooin' it!," my psyche screamed as I biked the 10 minutes to class.  The more the teacher broke it down Barney-style, the more my mind thought of funner ways the lesson could have been taught.  It made me reflect on teachers, kumu, I had growing up -- especially Mr. Pileggi.  Mr. P was my 7th grade English/Writing Lab teacher and stimulated the dream places in my mind, teaching us to cull them and put those ideas on paper.  He was a lefty.  

I can't help but wonder what adventures lay waiting in the world of substitute teaching, I find myself more excited than I thought I'd be.... 

This week, a small group of us are starting a "Write Club" including a couple of hippies, some CEOs, a world traveler, a banker, a yogi and me.  The club will  focus on the writing instead of the writer, the possibilities are borderline infinite.

Lastly, the response on the bucket lists left a bit to be desired.  Let's try harder, shall we?  Take' til the end of July.  You know you want to :)


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