"What do you want to be known for?"  Leslie asked quietly while Tiare explained how a feng shui bagua could be applied to a vision board. (Ingenious, btw.)  Sure.  NBD, simple as pie.  Who doesn't think about this on a regular basis? Me, that's who.  So I just said the first thing to come to my head. 

Vision Boards are for people who want to do everything.  "If you have a dream or you have a goal, and you want it to come true..." Tiare started, "put it out there in the universe and manifest it, one way to do it is to say it verbally, or -- put it on something concrete."  Like on a board.  So, for an evening we traded our surfboards for black panels of positive manifestation -- vision boards, boards for visionaries.  The process can be described anywhere from maddening to Zen-like.  In itself, sitting still is a challenge, add to that, cutting out little words in magazines and thinking about what you truly want to draw into your life.  HEAVY. charming and magical, all at the same time.  Tiare was the perfect leader for our journey into ourselves, encouraging us, helping us work together and teaching us how to share our dreams, the act of verbalizing forming them into a definitive rather than an abstract.In our lives where everything seems to be put off until someday, it was nice to accomplish something now.  "I want to do things in my life that give me butterflies."  So two butterflies went on the board, in the upper right corner where the area for love and relationships dwell.   At first what I had in there was a mermaid and the words "incredible men that can keep up" (it seemed easier than finding the word "an" to add to "man").  Tiare looked at me sheepishly, "so you want several then?" Haha...  no, not so much.  It's just, I don't want to give the board too much pressure, one perfect guy?  Really? But not just that, I've always enjoyed having friendships with dudes.  They're less volatile, less catty (excuse the pun) and more level headed -- generally speaking; plus, you can do cool stuff with them like driving stick, playing poker, smoking cigars, talking about business, or baking a pie (how many women nowadays can cook, much less bake!)  It's funny though, particularly in Hawai'i, the women are just as easy to get along with -- just as strong, just as straight-up, just as driven, but in a different way then in Manhattan, I daresay a more balanced way (which I attribute to the humbling, centering effects of the ocean). 

Focus, Katherine, Focus -- back to keeping up.  
What went through my head was something my grandmother said to me before I went to college, "collect, then select." In effect, one needs to meet a variety of people to know and then choose which one works for you.  Ugh.  Grams makes it sound as easy as finding a damn dress.  Whatever.  All good. Life is a living experiment.  To round the section out, Ti suggested I put a few things in pairs, not just for the girl/guy thing but for friendships too, so I put two butterflies, two lilikoi, the mermaid of peace & love (she was a hippie in a past life) and I'm looking for two oranges to symbolize la media naranja, half orange, the soulmate.

So to answer Leslie's question after sleeping on it for a night:  I want to be known as someone who finishes things.  Who dreams dreams and makes them real.  Who waits for nothing and loves abundantly.  I want to be known as someone who is passionate about their work, the people they love and their life.  Someone who lives for the butterflies, the sunsets and the friendships that can't help but inspire; someone who has the courage to envision their life and go for it before the picture is skewed by too much knowing.  I want to be known as a traveler versus a tourist, an explorer and someone who dances with the rhythm of the universe.  Now all that's left is getting all of that onto a board and perhaps, keeping up with myself. 
8/20/2010 01:23:19 pm

You are amazing! I am totally inspired by your blog. Thank you so much! I appreciate your friendship. And I'm so excited to see what comes of your vision board.


12/1/2010 07:02:19 pm

Hi Katherine,
I love this blog! You are so cute! I love the way you write and express yourself. I hope all of your dreams are coming true!

Much Love,


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