Luck: The Essential Guide [Hardcover] Deborah Aaronson (Author), Kevin Kwan (Author).

As it nears the holidays, some travel luck :)

Hi everyone!  Check out the new piece on Morimoto's new restaurant in Waikiki.  Let me know how you like it!

With the 'ohana arriving into Town in mere hours life should become most intriguing.  The long days spent at Starbucks and Island Vintage Coffee in my favorite purple hoodie writing away will be replaced by day-cations to North Shore, Kailua, searching out the perfect slices of fish for my Dad, shopping at the outlets with Mom and getting in some live music with Sissy Pants.  They'll be here and it's the best birthday present a girl could ask for. :)

A full year has passed and as 2010 rolls to an end I can't help but be thankful for the year's experiences and lessons.  I feel another year... well, FULLER!;)

The comic book is close to being finished (writing wise) and will be off to the illustrator -- stokey, stoke stoke.  This week saw a star tour with Todd Duncan where, from the beach in Kahala, we saw the Andromeda Galaxy  -- the closest to our own, a mere 2.5 million light years away.  It put life in easy perspective and helped me to stop stressing small kine stuff.  

There'll be some shooting stars the next few nights (a bit of a misnomer, actually.   Todd says they're dust particles burning up as they come into our atmosphere, but for our inner hopeless romantic's sake, let's call them by their whimsical name.) The moon is waxing, so before it gets too bright, check out the Leonids (called so because they appear to originate from the constellation Leo) which peak on or about the 17th of this month, I encourage you to go out and make a wish on a shooting star (or as Justine sings it "Shooting Sta-aar!".. there is an entire song.  One word: epic.).  Have a picnic at Makapu'u, lay back in the sand up country, drive up to Tantalus, anything to get your eyes away from the lights of town.  The only thing you'll have to worry about is coming up with enough wishes for all the stars.   

The pre-opening of Teddy Bear World Museum was last Friday and I was pleasantly surprised.  The fact that their first exhibit transported me back to NYC (in teddy bear form) probably had a hand in the enjoyment factor. It wasn't just a huge Korean version of Build-A-Bear (as I had incorrectly anticipated), it was a museum with lots of movement, creative scenes, and educational value peppered into the mix.  From the humble to the fantastical, there were bears of all sorts culminating in a recreation of Elvis' famous '73 "Aloha from Hawaii" concert.  Toe-tapping could not be resisted.    
Foodie stuff that I'm excited about:

8th Annual Chocolate Extravaganza: November 13 
Chocolate and various edible delights for dipping into said chocolate... in Kailua.  'nuff said.

Third Annual Restaurant Week Hawai’i: November 15 – 21 
For a fraction of their regular prices you can check out delectable dishes at town,  watch a brilliant Waikiki sunset while noshing on pupus at Tikis, tasting decadence at brand new Morimoto Waikiki, and tons more.

 I look forward to taking you with me to Big Island and sharing some of the things we discover, feed your wanderlust and inspire you to take adventures of your own (don't forget to return the favor!)  Aloha for now, bvw.
So they finally discontinued my beloved T-mobile Sidekick (I know, sad story.)  It's probably the longest relationship I've had... but I figure, I got lucky and found the phone that worked for me and I plan on keeping it until it breaks and I can't get another one.  Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share information.  If anyone out there still has a SK and was wondering about the elusive Desktop Interface, T-mobile has changed the menus and most of their staff doesn't even know of it's existence.   

After 4 calls and 5 hours, a T-mobile angel gave me the answer in 9 minutes.  T-mobile refers to the interface as the Sidekick Jump Screen and it can still be accessed.  Here's how to get there:

1.  Go to my.t-mobile.com.
2.  Log-in.
3. On the top toolbar point to  "Connect and Share".
4.  Click Configure E-mail on the extreme right.
5.  Voila!  The desktop interface is yours.
6.  Do a Happy Dance.

I for one still love my phone, and will keep it as long as it's making me happy.   Hopefully this post saves you some time and frustration.  Aloha ~
New Wine and Food Travel Post: Playing Tourist: Waikiki.  
New Trazzle:  http://www.trazzler.com/trips/kawainui-marsh-in-hi.

Replanting at Na Pohaku is one of our favorite Saturday morning projects.  If you're looking for a new volunteer project, here's your opportunity.  Get your hippie on and save Mama Earth!



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Time has slowed considerably on the island in these last weeks.  Is it the change of the seasons?  The many visitors making their way to our beckoning shores?  What has transformed mischief into magic?  There is, of course, only one answer:  L'amour.

My first weeks on O'ahu I met world traveler, born and raised in Africa, yet Belgian, "I-play-poker-for-a-living-and-surf-all-day" Max, who quickly became my surfing guru; he first encouraged me to surf Pops, talked me out of my funk when Charlie left, and summarized my hunger for life in a word - L'amour (except he teased my French and called it L'amourrrrrrr) and not just love in the romantic sense, but l'amour de la vie, love of life.
(Here I'd like to pause; I owe an apology for the lateness of this post, but also a thank you for the experiences that have caused the lateness.  I promised an entry regaling you of my Napa-cation (an entry which existed until my computer mysteriously re-booted ... perhaps it is time to investigate getting a MAC)  and I plan to deliver, just in Hawai'i Time.)  Back to L'amour.  Last week I began contributing to wineandfoodtravel.com or WAFT in abbreviated terms.  Waft, as defined by Google is: [to] be driven or carried along, as by the air; i.e. "Sounds wafted into the room." Quite fitting, I'd say.  Wafting, I imagine, is our natural state in Hawai'i.  The sweet air brings to us our families from the Mainland, our hearts that are momentarily traveling, our friends who can't wait to unfold in the succulent ocean, and us to those places that we dream of but are never quite sure we should leave Hawai'i for (all good, since leaving temporarily means we get to go home to Hawai'i -- pretty sweet deal.)

That being said, California was worth the separation anxiety and halfway between New York and Hawai'i, Angela and I reunited in celebration of George liking it so much he put a ring on it.  Horray!  The whirlwind weekend was intermittently spent between San Francisco, San Rafael and Wine Country.  We played hide-and-go-seek with the Golden Gate Bridge, met some wahines from Hawai'i on our first tour, had a meal on the Wine Train, crushed grapes and sniff-swirl-sipped ourselves silly.  

Now, on to playing favorites:

Favorite Winery Tour:  Grgich Hills Estate / Vincent Arroyo Winery
Favorite Wine: the cabernets of Rubicon (thanks Loa and Robin!)
Favorite Picnic Spot: V. Sattui  
Favorite Designated Driver: Napa Valley Wine Train
Favorite B & B: Lavender

In the next few weeks I'll reveal why, on WAFT.  ;)

Other than that, I'm falling more in l'amour with Hawai'i each day (as if you didn't know), and can't wait to share with you what I discover.  Until then, a hui hou
Aloha friends!  Fresh back from a week in NoCal, and home couldn't be sweeter -- one of my favorite parts of any trip is coming home to Hawai'i :)  I'll be doing a series of articles with wineandfoodtravel.com on some of the adventures from Wine Country, then Hawai'i and beyond so be sure to check it out ... and, just for you, there'll be an extra special post on my blog  next week with some Napa highlights.  Have a beautiful Pau Hana Friday!

<3 Kat
An excerpt from Zen and the Art of Happiness:

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Aloha!  The pull of the waning moon kept me awake much of the night.  So I dabbled and drabbled.  "What is a Drabble?,"  you may ask. It's a story of precisely 100 words. The contest asked for 3 of these to enter. I would love it if you'd take the time to read 300 words; if you like it please vote and spread the word.  Thanks and Happy Aloha Friday :)

The link to the book:
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