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It's officially the first day of summer -  for Justine, anyway - and we're drinking rum in Starbucks in our passion iced tea lemonade, playing "shee shee head" and reading newspapers/books for pleasure.

The weekend saw the arrival of Mate - our new Tahitian friend and everlasting amounts of music.  Plan was to hike to Ka'au Crater, but as they say, the best laid plans gang aft agley.  We ended up in Kailua surfing unpredictable wind waves and having unrestricted amounts of fun. My favorite line of the weekend was:  "This is my first time surfing Malibu.  I like it."  He surfed that longboard like a shortboard, like the male version of a ballerina (I think they're called chevaliers.) 

Chris dropped us off at UH and new friends Carol and Dana picked us up to go mid-island.  I'd always wanted to know what growing up in Wahiawa was like, and Sunday night was a fulfillment of that. 5-21 year old college boys, Vicki, Nicole, and myself, Fun Factory, homemade loco mocos, sweet chili, Two Truths and a Lie, karaoke, and copious amounts of Catch Phrase later we were 'ohana.  It's been a while since I tapped my inner 12-year-old.

Fun Factory is Vegas for kids.  I knew I'd crossed some kind of threshold into adulthood when I looked at the game that gave quarters and thought it'd be fun to play so I could get laundry money.  Ugh.  We ended up playing the game where we could win candy instead. Big fans of instant gratification.
A high school teacher just sat down with us to correct essays.  Justine and I are a bit tipsy.  This is going to be fun.
45 minutes later...

Her son was little Hurley on Lost!  First 3 minutes of:
http://www.hulu.com/watch/90208/lost-tricia-tanaka-is-dead.  Rad!
20 minutes after that.

Ok, sobriety is rejoining my arsenal.  
Maui - less than two weeks away.  Stoked.  I feel like it will open up a world within me that I've been waiting for.  Maybe not so patiently, but waiting all the same. It'll be just the girls and the mountain over the clouds and the wild expanse of ocean in all its iterations.  Can't hardly wait. <3

Leslie Schipper
5/11/2010 04:22:03 pm

Maui? Huh?! I want in.
And I do believe "copious" might make it to the Top 10 of your favorite words :)


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