While working on an article for Kaua'i Traveler I surfed across this website:
http://www.spaweek.com/wedlikeaceleb, touting in bold letters, "WED LIKE A CELEB." Kat ears up.

Spa Week was a fun bi-yearly distraction when I lived in New York.  Twice a year, for a week, a number of spas would offer services like massages and facials (otherwise upwards or $150) for $50.  An offer most women (and men) could not refuse.   The promotion is nationwide and one day may hit the shores of Hawai'i (a girl can hope).

Though a walk down the aisle isn't necessarily in my immediate future, I entered.   The website asked, 
"Tell us in 300 words or less why you and your fiancè or any couple you know deserves to "WED LIKE A CELEB":
I answered:
When it comes to honeymoons, luxury is a necessity rather than an indulgence.  It is that special time in a couple's life when it is, most definitely, "all about them."   In this way they can concentrate all their otherwise distracted prowess on creating new life in the happiest, healthiest, and most beautiful environment.  It's like when a chef prepares haute cuisine: their feelings, surroundings and mindset go into their cooking.  The same can be applied to baby making -- happy coital bliss (a.k.a. WED LIKE A CELEB) = happy, healthy baby.  In these modern times, when people have forgotten how to slow down and smell the intoxicating flower of pleasure, it is paramount during this formative month of marriage that the couple build on a foundation of happiness, and continue that  tradition for years to come.


I'm sharing this with you because:
1. It would be just plain wrong for someone not getting married to win this contest (though deep down I hope to win anyway). So I'm not too worried.
2. I'm curious to hear your thoughts.


"Wed like a celeb", it says.  That's probably the only thing about a celebrity da kine that would be appealing to me... the wedding party: lavish, luxurious, no expense spared.  But what of the vacuous "let's get divorced in 2-6 months" mentality that happens after?  Celebrity Wedding, ____________ Marriage. Who is a model for a lasting (should that be the goal?), loving (definitely want this), faithful (yikes) marital relationship?  I mean honestly, I already have a roommate.  What would cause someone, in 2010, to make this commitment (other than wanting to procreate)?

Don't get me wrong, I like to think of myself as not jaded.  I want to believe that it's out there -- that something special that makes two halves a whole, the "media naranja" for me and for you.  And if nothing else, I have to believe that the wedding is ceremonial, it takes flesh, soul, and mind to make the institution, the piece of paper that is a marriage, breathe and come to life.  

But then what?  

Surf's up -- I'll check you guys later.


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