Mass transit becomes me.  Why, right this very minute I sit on the LIRR on my way into the City.  Kris and I watched On the Town and I was reminded of a childhood full of movie musicals and stardust.  I passed the house of my "walking buddy" and realized how big the world really is and instilling me a humbling dose of gratitude for this life.

I'm off to a hotel where I can get my Dewey Decimal on... literally.  Each of the guest floors is dedicated to one of the major categories of the DD system:  Social Sciences,  Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts, and Religion and can't wait to see what room I'll be in!  

In the next week I'll check out places high and low that I couldn't get enough of when I lived in New York but with new eyes and a renewed spirit to show you some of the best sights of my favorite City.  Looking forward to sharing you some of the gems I find in 2011!  Aloha!

7/4/2014 07:48:40 pm

Great blog, I just created an account here too.


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