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Time has slowed considerably on the island in these last weeks.  Is it the change of the seasons?  The many visitors making their way to our beckoning shores?  What has transformed mischief into magic?  There is, of course, only one answer:  L'amour.

My first weeks on O'ahu I met world traveler, born and raised in Africa, yet Belgian, "I-play-poker-for-a-living-and-surf-all-day" Max, who quickly became my surfing guru; he first encouraged me to surf Pops, talked me out of my funk when Charlie left, and summarized my hunger for life in a word - L'amour (except he teased my French and called it L'amourrrrrrr) and not just love in the romantic sense, but l'amour de la vie, love of life.
(Here I'd like to pause; I owe an apology for the lateness of this post, but also a thank you for the experiences that have caused the lateness.  I promised an entry regaling you of my Napa-cation (an entry which existed until my computer mysteriously re-booted ... perhaps it is time to investigate getting a MAC)  and I plan to deliver, just in Hawai'i Time.)  Back to L'amour.  Last week I began contributing to wineandfoodtravel.com or WAFT in abbreviated terms.  Waft, as defined by Google is: [to] be driven or carried along, as by the air; i.e. "Sounds wafted into the room." Quite fitting, I'd say.  Wafting, I imagine, is our natural state in Hawai'i.  The sweet air brings to us our families from the Mainland, our hearts that are momentarily traveling, our friends who can't wait to unfold in the succulent ocean, and us to those places that we dream of but are never quite sure we should leave Hawai'i for (all good, since leaving temporarily means we get to go home to Hawai'i -- pretty sweet deal.)

That being said, California was worth the separation anxiety and halfway between New York and Hawai'i, Angela and I reunited in celebration of George liking it so much he put a ring on it.  Horray!  The whirlwind weekend was intermittently spent between San Francisco, San Rafael and Wine Country.  We played hide-and-go-seek with the Golden Gate Bridge, met some wahines from Hawai'i on our first tour, had a meal on the Wine Train, crushed grapes and sniff-swirl-sipped ourselves silly.  

Now, on to playing favorites:

Favorite Winery Tour:  Grgich Hills Estate / Vincent Arroyo Winery
Favorite Wine: the cabernets of Rubicon (thanks Loa and Robin!)
Favorite Picnic Spot: V. Sattui  
Favorite Designated Driver: Napa Valley Wine Train
Favorite B & B: Lavender

In the next few weeks I'll reveal why, on WAFT.  ;)

Other than that, I'm falling more in l'amour with Hawai'i each day (as if you didn't know), and can't wait to share with you what I discover.  Until then, a hui hou
10/25/2010 01:21:04 am

love, love, love it! if only the airline luggage restrictions weren't so unaccommodating, I would've smuggled more Napa wine! :o)


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